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7 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Summer Solstice Gathering

The Summer Solstice will be on the 21st of June. When you think of the Midsummer, you may think of thousands of people gathering at Stonehenge to witness the sunrise. Whilst that does sound like heaps of fun, you may not wish to rise at 3 AM to catch the first rays of sunlight. In which case, a gathering of friends and family in the comfort of your home and at a more sensible hour may be just the thing. Read on to find out how to throw a Summer Solstice Celebration in keeping with tradition whilst living in the modern age.

Eat Outdoors

Summer Solstice, Midsummer is the longest day of the year, each day following this will become shorter and shorter until the Winter Solstice in December. Make the most of the extended hours of daylight and eat outdoors with your guests. Summer is when Nature comes into full bloom and it’s a magical thing to witness. You could have a picnic in the park, a BBQ in the garden or an open space. If you don’t have a garden, balcony or roof terrace, you could simply dine near your open windows.

Light Many Candles

Traditionally Pagans would light balefires to help increase the power of the Sun and to bring fertility to men and the crops. If fire-jumping isn’t your thing (I daresay it isn’t mine) then lighting some candles is still a good way to symbolise the Sun. Show gratitude for the light and warmth and ‘drive away the darkness’ that the coming months will bring.

Decorate With Seasonal Flowers

Flowers that are in season in the UK are Peonies, Roses, Sweet Peas, Cornflowers and Nigella. Use vases for bouquets of seasonal flowers or jam jars for little posies. Display them on your table and around your home. In Sweden, it is said that if unmarried girls place 7 different flowers underneath their pillow on Midsummer’s eve, that night they will dream of their future husband.

Serve Seasonal Food

Lamb, peas, strawberries, raspberries, broad beans, mackerel, sardines, cod and elderflower are all in season in June. Celebrate the wonderful produce of our land and sea by serving dishes containing seasonal ingredients. Source your ingredients from local producers and farmer’s markets if you can. The BBC Good Food website has a selection of Seasonal Recipes.

Wear Flower Crowns

You will have seen many a floral crown adorned head at the summer’s hottest festivals. But floral crowns are an age-old Midsummer tradition in many parts of Europe. You can have a go at making your own using some floral twine, floral tape, secateurs and of course, your choice of flowers. Alternatively, you can seek out a florist to make you one.

Burn A Heady Incense

Sage, mint, basil, lavender, St John’s Wort are said to ward away evil spirits. I can’t make any promises about these claims but I can tell you that each of these herbs hold certain medicinal properties so burning them as incense can only be a good thing. The scent will help create a soothing, high vibration atmosphere for your gathering.

Set Your Intentions

The Summer Solstice is a great time to express gratitude but also perfect for intention setting. Summer is a time for manifestation. Give your guests a piece of paper and a pen, ask them to write their goals and intentions for the year ahead and bury the pieces of paper in the ground.


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