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The Unconventional Mama & Me Playlist - 42 Jams For You And Your Kids To Vibe To

I understand there is Kid Music, but I say, leave that for the schools and cookie-cutter moms. Its upbeat, traditional and “appropriate.” One may say it's catchy for their little ears, cute for plays and at school activities but it also is the absolute worst!

Call me crazy but I refused to listen to, “wheels on the bus” or any tune remotely close to that. The songs society states are appropriate for children and the majority I suppose listen to with their kids I and most find boring, some ridiculous and painful. So, I left those songs for the teachers and care-givers and went another route.

Hey, becoming a mother has brought a lot of necessary changes but Tu Pac was not going anywhere, nor was Chris Cornell. Absolutely not. My son was going to hear my music; hear the greats like Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, and Elvis along with Eminem, Rhianna, and Drake. I must also throw, Glen Miller, out there. “In the Mood”, is a song you cannot be in a bad mood while it is playing. It’s a blast always. We get lost in the fun songs and I always try to teach my son about the artists, and symbolism of some of the lyrics as he’s grown older.

By taking this approach I have had more fun moments jamming with my child than I ever could have imagined. We have more fun in the car than the destination sometimes. When we cook together, we are dancing too.

This playlist I’ve shared holds a group of the many songs that are a blast to jam with your kids. Let me tell you that in my opinion, nothing beats fist pumping with your three-year-old. It’s not a “conventional” playlist below, and maybe even being frowned upon but I frown upon ordinary, so, delete those preschool song compilations, roll down the windows, and start with, Feel So Close, by Calvin Harris. Enjoy, these songs. They are fun and bring a lot of smiles and are highly worthy of videoing moments.

What's your favourite song to jam to with your kids?


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