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how and why you need to kick 'doubt' to the curb in 2021

Have you ever sat day dreaming of a new business venture, or a change in career, only to be met with, am I good enough? Do I have the right skills or qualifications? Yes, the all too familiar negative self chatter chiming in and swindling in on our self doubt - whew can we get it to shut the hell up?

The 5 Second Rule

The 5 second rule was created by author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins and is nothing short of amazing. It’s simple and this is how it works. When you have something to do or something you want to say - perhaps doing exercise or in a meeting. As soon as the thought of action comes enters your mind, count to 5 and execute. The trick is the attention you are paying to counting down will stop any negative chatter and the option for deliberation of kicking in, and by the time you get to 1 - you’ll be forced into action. Now that’s powerful.

Switch off Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy talks a lot of crap, so, aren’t you tired of listening to her? Well shut her up then. The key to switching off negative talk is to shut it down as soon as it starts by replacing it immediately with a positive thought. As soon as you have a negative thought combat it with something really positive to override it.

Love Your Individuality

It's important to understand that we are all so very different. What one person lacks another person holds, and vice-versa. Embrace what you may think is a flaw, and see it as uniqueness and a trait to be thankful for. Celebrating your individualism can be the starting point to feeling better about ourselves and releasing self criticism.

Pep Talks

Lack of self-belief can arise from unrealistic expectations or even words that people or parents may have said to us throughout our lifetime, that simply are not true. Dose yourself up with some positivity, each an every morning, with positive self talk. Affirmations work a treat at perking up our inner psyche. Use them daily to enhance confidence and self-esteem.

Daily Reminder - I'm A Badass

For some reason we do not seem to praise ourselves enough - especially as mothers. Congratulate yourself for all the achievements you have made. Do away with modesty and boast (in moderation of course). Remind yourself of just how much of a badass you really are by writing and reminding yourself of all the achievements, big and small, that you've accomplished.

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Did you know that up to 90% of what we worry about actually never happens. Shocking right? When you put this into perspective with the amount of time we spend doubting and worrying, then that's alot of time wasted. If we keep this in mind, when we're doubting the turn out of events, then our whole mindset can totally be transformed - enabling us to live a healthier and more optimistic life.


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