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The Letdown - Netflix, ABC Network Series

So if you haven’t heard of it then where on earth have you been? Well, probably taking care of the children, doing chores and dealing with motherhood I guess. The Letdown is a new Australian television comedy series, released on Netflix and ABC and was created by Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell, who plays Audrey, new mother to 2 month old baby girl Stevie. The show shares some raw honesty about motherhood. The breastfeeding conundrums, sleepless nights, having to drive a few blocks to get baby to sleep and the ultimate - feeling lost, sometimes unfulfilled and a even a huge sense of overwhealment. Audrey struggles to see the sense in her parenting support groups, her and her husbands sex life is currently down the pan, is struggling to understand her new relationship with her mother since becoming a mother herself and everything in between makes for a series that so many of us can truly relate to. Season 1 Episode 1 opens with Audrey in a car park in the very late evening - half asleep from her routine night time drive to submissively get baby to sleep. Suddenly acosted by a man - no not a worried police officer, or a concerned passer by, as you might think, but the local drug dealer, who then questions her about her presence on his patch. As obscure as this sounds, it's hilariously and unexpectedly funny. What an opener to get you reeled in - right?

ABC/Netflix Series The Letdown

It's extremely refreshing for a comedy series to be released that depicts all sides of motherhood. The darker and the brighter side - attached with effortless humour. We just can't seem to understand what took so long?! Well heck, it's here now and we certainly think that this is one to watch and make some room for in your busy schedule. One that will help you understand that - it is not just you who can't get the pram out of the car with grace, whilst fumbling with that damn latch that never seems to open. It is not just you that pines for a glass of wine to take the edge off of motherhood, toying with the fact that you are indeed breasfeeding and it is not just you who occassionally feels lost.

There are no holds barred with this show and that's what we love about it. When it comes to shedding the ultimate reals on motherhood - the truths that so many women are too ashamed to be frank about, this show does mothers complete justice. With highlights, lowlights and hilariously wrought honesty, we simply can’t wait for season 2.​

So what do the massess think about 'The Letdown'. Here's a snippet Watch it here. We promise, you won't be dissapointed.

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