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Bloomsbury Beginnings - Helping Mothers Go From Confused to Executing Their Entrepreneurial Goals

Updated: May 27, 2022

The growth of entrepreneurial mothers seems to be on a fast and steady rise. With expensive childcare rates, inflexible contracted working hours and the pandemic shifting attitudes towards working from home, more and more mothers are choosing to take their careers into their own hands and become entrepreneurs.

For many, the excitement of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is exciting - with flexible working hours, and more time spent with the children, all very appealing - however that very excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by uncertainty and fear as most women are unsure of where to begin and who to turn to for support and advice.

Image: Ann Nkune, Founder of Bloomsbury Beginnings

Bloomsbury Beginnings, founded by Ann Nkune have become renowned for doing just that - offering a supportive community of mothers, providing advice, and delivering their informative Start-Up Programe - (which is now accepting applicants for Summer 2022) - for mothers who are ready to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality. The collective has designed its programmes and support groups to understand that motherhood comes with evolving challenges.

Bloomsbury Beginnings say:

It is the lived experience of Founder and Director Ann Nkune, now mother to a 13-year-old daughter, who recognised the difficulties others faced in the parent community of generating an income, whilst being a full-time carer. She used her experience of delivering management consultancy across the public, private and charity sectors, to pioneer programmes to transcend traditional barriers to business.

Since 2014 Bloomsbury Beginnings has helped over 500 women boost their careers as well as found and develop their own businesses. Their extensive network gives you quick access to expert advice, accountability and support to overcome your obstacles and create powerful, financially sustainable propositions.

By the end of the 10 sessions ‘Grow your ideas’ course you'll have a clearer focus, more confidence and a business model that will help you to grow a successful business or social enterprise. You will have a 1:1 assessment, five face to face small group sessions in a beautiful community garden training facility near Kings Cross and four follow up goal-setting sessions via Zoom.

Bloomsbury Beginnings welcome you and look forward to hearing from you! Course fee is £300/person.

Visit Bloomsbury Beginnings at

For all enquiries, please contact Ayesha at:


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