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41 Kick Ass Affirmations - To Create A Healthier Mindset

Words are oh so powerful. Read these affirmations when you wake up each morning. Take them with you for reminders during the day if you need to. Constant effort towards making proclamations over yourself that are full of life have been proven to change mindsets, cure PTSD, help with depression, reform from mental or all forms of abuse for survivors out there, and renew your mind entirely.

Per science it takes 21 days to re-groove your brain - amazing right? This is one step to take daily towards this process and to exercise your brain, get it thinking and believing things other than what we already are right now. A lot of words of death and hate get spoken over our lives constantly so to look at a sheet full of truths about yourself and read them as affirmations from yourself and others will expedite the re-vamping of your mind in unimaginable ways.

Stretch, Sit, and Smile.

Now, speak these out loud before the day ahead of you begins:


Today is a new day. Yesterday is over. I will not carry any shame from yesterday. It is gone and


I will live today as tomorrow does not exist.

I am talented in my own way, and divinely.

I am irreplaceable

I am special and important

I have a purpose

Today is a good day for me to have a good day.

Today I choose joy.

I am capable and dedicated.

I am strong and brave.

I will fight back only when necessary.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am beautiful.

I do noy need to impress anyone but myself.

(Your Name Insert here) you are a warrior

There is only one me. I am without rival.

I am imperfect, my flaws are in a gorgeous process not to be judged.

I will respect others and demand they respect me.

I am loved.

I do not base decisions on emotions

I will question my emotions before acting on them.

I am kind, but I am not weak.

I am grateful, just grateful.

I will not wait for a light at the end of the tunnel. I will light that bitch up myself.

I do not need to prove anything to anyone.

I am enough.

I may have done some of the things they said I did, but I am NOT who they say I am.

I will not judge anything that happens today.

I will boss today around. It will not boss me around.

I am fearless, savage and free.

My happiness matters.

I will accomplish remarkable things

Today will be victorious

I believe in myself

I am an eagle, not a chicken.

I enjoy being playful. Mary Poppins had living the good life down so a spoon full of sugar shall coat my attitude.

I will rebuke then block all negativity and lies to keep my mindset healthy.

I am watchful, productive, smart, and I MATTER.

I know my worth, I will live today owning it.

May today be blessed, positive, and a lesson.

I can take on today like a warrior, a badass, and a well-poised, Lioness. Try me.


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