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5 Foods You Should Always Avoid Around Your Period

There's a perfectly normal reason for that sudden surge in your appetite and wanting to consume everything high carb and sugary before and during your period - blame it on the changes in levels of progesterone and estrogen. The changes, also create a drop in blood sugar levels, alongside a need to increase serotonin levels, which all relate to us feeling ravenous and wanting to eat everything that's not particularly good for us. Giving in and indulging can sometimes lead to more painful cycle, low mood and dipped energy levels. So if you want to reduce pain and have a more tolerable period , here's your guide of foods to avoid. Make a list and glue it to the fridge if you have to. Let's get into it.


Carbonated Drinks - In general, carbonated drinks should be avoided, therefore to drink them during your cycle is a big faux pas. The sugar content is extremely high and can mess with your hormones big time. Yes - you get a kick, but the come down is ruthless. They also contribute heavily to bloating.


Fried foods - Whilst your body may be craving fried chicken, fries or doughnuts they all contain trans fats - which can cause inflammation and worsen pain.


Refined grains - Like all processed foods, they lose much of their nutrient content. This causes them to interfere with blood sugar and regular appetite control. Both factors are a no-no for your period. Choose whole grains over white bread, pasta, cereal, rice, crackers, cakes, and cookies.


High-fat foods have a strong effect on hormone activity in the body. Like trans fats, saturated fats can contribute to period pain and inflammation. Avoid heavy meats and dairy to keep your fat intake down.


The caffeine present in coffee can stimulate oestrogen, which can worsen your symptoms. Some say it helps in relieving pain during menstruation but, the truth is that it only makes your periods more annoying!

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