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20 Honest Thoughts From Women During The Pandemic

1. The world is a beautiful place with kind hearted people.

Kate, London

2. Friends and family are so precious.

Esie, New York

3. My kids aren't actually that bad.

Maria, London

4. No amount of loo roll in the world will make you happy.

Zahara, Leeds

5. We should cherish people when they are here.

Abbie, London

6. Quality time with your children is so special.

Giulia, Spain

7. Stokcing up on loo roll instead of food is a foolish idea.

Alex, Cambridge

8. The undervalued workers in our society are our true heroes, not the billionaires, government or celebrities.

Anna, London

9. Our healthcare system is remarkable.

Helen, London

10. Practice better personal hygiene.

Ellen, Bristol

11. Self-care is crucial to maintaining mental health.

Matilda, Plymouth

12. Home is really where the heart is.

Francesca, Salisbury

13. Copious amounts of wine will not help you, I repeat, not help you during a pandemic.

Sarah, Exeter

14. There are major flaws in our healthcare system.

Denver, Bristol

15. My husband has never used the dishwasher.

Madison, Liverpool

16. FaceTime is a wonderful thing.

Bernadette, France

17. Zoom meetings are the worst thing ever.

Karen, London

18. Our healthcare workers are undervalued.

Alexis, Manchester

19. Teachers are superheroes and deserve a pay rise.

Sara, Exeter

20. Pizza and prosseco in the morning should be a delicacy

Jeanette, London


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