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Drop The BS & Start Caring For Yourself

Motherhood, at times, can resemble a 24 hour assort course. Between looking after your mini's, work, business, relationships, grocery shopping, appointments and so much more - looking after yourself usually takes a back seat. Self care makes for a happier you, so should evidently be pretty high on your list of priorities. With that being said, we're dropping a list of quick and easy tips on taking care of thyself!

1. Get to grips with the word NO!

As much as we all want to be doers its actually healthy and so important to learn how to say "No". After all you can't please everyone, you're not an avocado! Prioritise and learn to take on things that you can handle and that can be worked around your schedule. If you are lacking in time then you can easily postpone, the key tip is to not feel guilty for it.

2. Get moving

Exercise works wonders for self care, and if palpitating and sweating it out in front of others is not for you then walking is fab too! Some of us are just made for the gym and some of us, well, er, haven't been inside one since high school. Whatever your vice, find time for for it, as it's a proven aid in increasing our serotonin (happy chemical) in our brains. Pop out, for a brisk walk, ditch the car on the school run or better still, perhaps purchase a new pair of sneakers to make walking that little bit more stylish!

3. Relax

It's crucial to shut off from the outside world and be able to come down from the stresses of daily life. Find something you love, whether it be reading, watching re-runs of Friends or a pampering session, and take some time out for yourself. Implementing relaxation techniques into your life can aid your stress levels hugely.

4. Treat Yourself (every once in a while!)

We do tend to abandon ourselves when it comes to treats. Treating the kids to clothes, extra dance classes or a special toy is almost second nature but we do not tend to follow the same principal for ourselves. It's so important to feel some type of value, as mothering can take away the attention we give ourselves. A new jumper, dress, manicure or new hobby can all count towards making you feel that extra bit special.


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