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How To Detox Your Wardrobe In 5 Easy Steps

With summer almost ahead of us, the majority of us are hovering around early morning, coffee in one hand with looks of despair attached to our faces, indecisively wondering what to wear! What makes matters worse is there are a ton of clothes before us, but for some amusing reason - none of them are right.

Want to fix it, and find your way to wardrobe clarity? Well, here's your guide to feeling fabulous in what you wear, working with what you have and essentially detoxing that wardrobe!


Step 1 - Pepare

The task ahead is no easy one and can be quite daunting (with the daunt level going up depending on how long you've been hoarding!) So it's always a good idea to get mentally and physically prepared for it all. Set aside a day or two, call on some girlfriends and grab a glass (or two!) of wine to add to the mix for good measure.


Step 2 - Cut Back

If your finding it an issue to get ready in the morning, with lots to choose from but very little to wear, it's definitely time to lighten the load. Go through everything (yes everything! If we're going to do this we're going to do it well!) Aim to keep clothes that are valuable and to not just make up the numbers, work well together and most importantly make you feel as fabulous and fantastic as you are.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself

1. Do I love it, like really love it?

2. Have I worn it in the past year?

3. Does it suit my current style?

Be pragmatic and try not to get nostalgic or too sentimental over items, as they will continue to take up space. However, if they really do hold emotional value, store in a keepsake box and put in the garage out of sight. Create an 'Oh, hell yeah!' and an 'Oh, hell no pile' and get started.


Step 3 - Donate - Sell - Bin

You're probably now sitting in between two piles, knowing what to do with one but trying to figure out what to do with the other. Let's go through that 'Oh, hell no!' pile and decide what could make some extra cash. If it's designer; darling's hold onto it and open accounts on Vestiaire Collective or Ebay and sell, sell, sell! If it's high street or doesn't hold that much value and is still wearable then donate and if it's torn, stained or unsightly, bin!


Step 4 - Re-Organise

Well done, you've put in some serious leg work and by now should have a great pile of fabulous items, it's now time to create that new 'drobe. Put items into the following categories; type of clothing, colour and maybe even occasion (if you still have enough stamina!) Organisation on this level takes precision and continued maintainence, so ensure you keep to the system as it'll be so beneficial.


Step 5 - Room for new

Now, this is totally the best bit. You've reduced the clutter and hopefully should be reigning in some cash from the sale of those old items. It's time to strategically look at what you have left and see where you may be lacking. There are must have wardrobe items and let's admit items that are not so essential, but we simply 'must have!'

Start with the latter and write a key list of additional pieces that will aid your new collection of clothes. Hang everything up in this new system (ideally on wire hangers as they are a total space saver) and there you have it, voila!

You should now be faced with clothes that not only work well for your style, but that also work well with each other, hopefully shaving 20 minutes off your 'get ready time' on those manic school run morning's or those last minute dinner dates.


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