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10 'Must Know' Time Saving Tips For Every Mama

If I took a poll and asked one hundred mothers what their biggest motherhood gripe was - I'm pretty sure I could bet my new Chanel 2.5 handbag that the majority would say 'time'. We all know that when you're juggling your personal life, work, children, hobbies and everything else in between - then time, or should I say lack there of - is bound to be a pressing issue.

For me, I really struggled to cultivate a plan that would ease the pressures of every day life, whilst also freeing up time for me to focus on more important daily tasks. But six months in, I have my strategy down and very well implemented - which, essentially frees up approximately 2 hours a day - now that's something.

So here are 10 (tried and tested) time saving tips that will free up time for even the busiest of mothers - thank me later. *winks eye

1. Cut out the BS

Take a look at your routine (or lack thereof) and cut out any time wasting activities. Does your child attend a club that he or she no longer enjoys? Then it's time to pull them out (which will save you time and a hell of a lot of money too!) Are you spending too much time talking on the phone with friends? Then it's time to limit your calls or use text only. And if you're wasting time in front of the box or watching Netflix then switch off - and designate that time to dealing with emails, meal prep, listening to podcasts (you get my drift) - more of the things that will add value to your life as oppossed to taking away.

2. Evening Showers - For Everybody

The mornings in my house have sometimes actually brought me to tears (no lie.) The mix of my toddler running away whilst I'm trying to put on her shoes have frustrated the life out of me.

I have now resorted to having the children take their baths/showers the night before and when they wake in the morning it's a simple case of teeth brushing, face washing and clothes on - trust me it makes such a differnece and shaves at least half an hour off your morning routine.

3. Ask For Help

You don't get what you don't ask for right. If you feel like you could do with some extra help from your partner, family or friends - then ask. What's the worst that could happen?

4. Paper Plates Can Be a Godsend

A friend of mine once let on that if she had a heavy work schedule and felt like one extra chore was one extra chore too many - then they'll use paper plates occassionally to cut back on dish washing. So after my initial minute of judgement I tried it too and what can I say - I secretly enjoyed it.

5. One Dinner Fits All

With three kids under my belt - I have never understood how mothers choose to prepare seperate meals for their children depending on their likes and dislikes. And if you are in fact a mother that does this, then I take my hat off to you - but please stop - now! If your kids are hungry then they will eat what's in front of them. Do not give yourself the extra time wasting task of catering to each member of your family.

6. Ditch The Supermarket Trips For Online Shopping

Now that the Internet has taken over every aspect of my life - online food shopping has been the the latest trend for me. I know, I know, this is nowhere near a new fascination, but I have always been a bit reluctant to shop for my food online - as I like to touch and feel the fruit and veg I purchase - (weird I know), but I have come to realise that it really does cut out about 2 hours of nonsensical wondering around a supermarket - and I can use that time spent on something much more productive.

7. Use Timers

Before I started to use timers in my household - things would always run over. Asking the kids to tidy their room would sometimes be an 'half a day' task, seriously. I now time everything, from showers, watching Netflix to tidying up. It gives them momentum and encourages them to work at a quicker pace in order to execute their task before the time runs out. Its such an amazing time saving tool - and the kids have so much fun using this.

8. Get Rid Of Clutter

The fewer items you have, the less time you spend looking for them. Get rid of items that no longer serve you - “The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't.” - Marie Kondō

9. Plan Your Day

It's extremely easy to waste time when you have no idea what you are doing. Plan your day for work or home the night before. Jot down three of most important tasks for that day and when you have completed one - add a new task to your list and keep this on rotation. You'll find that you maximise your day and time by doing so, which means increased productivity.

10. Use Your Commute Wisely

I have lost alot of valuable time sitting on the tube, trying to avoid the glare of the person opposite me. So, now I ensure that I use this time wisely. Whether that be 20 mins or 2 hours - think about maximising that time and doing something worthwile, somethng that will serve you well. I usually spend that time listening to inspirtaional podcasts, catching up on planning for work or organising my diary.


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