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Cat Cooper: My Second Date

It was a Sunday evening, I’d just got back from a wedding in Manchester and Ted had said

he’d be local so suggested he came to mine and we got a take out. Cosy, I thought. Food and

company, great.

I presumed he’d bring some wine. He didn’t. I presumed he’d split the cost of the take out

after we’d bought rounds each when we’d last met. He didn’t. He’d clearly drank before

meeting me and smelt quite smoky, gah, it’s fine, what’s a cigarette and a glass of wine

between friends, and it was Sunday after all.

He’d been out to lunch with his mum (sweet), and was pretty buoyant when he got to me. He told me all about the Ikea flat pack shelves he’d put together that day (mental note, good with his hands). We ate food, chatted, drank (my) wine and settled down on the sofa. I wondered if he might make a move. I wasn’t sure on the second date etiquette but he was on my sofa, so surely I could be in with at least a kiss? Again, as he had done the week before, as it got later he said he’d better make a move and stood up to go so I *coughed* “You could kiss me here if you like, instead of by my front door?” Where had this new found confidence come from? I hadn’t been out with someone for so long and I thought perhaps it was up to me to seize the opportunity. What’s the worst that could happen? He could say no, yes, I’d be crushed and humiliated, but then he would leave and I’d never have to see him again. Yes, that worked. He took hold of me and kissed me fully. Mmm, great kiss and handsy (I liked that).

It felt good to have someone take hold of me, to feel a body next to mine, and have mine

felt too. Quite quickly his hand were inside of my top and under my bra (again nice, yet a tad

uncomfortable). He pulled me onto the sofa, my legs straddling his and we were kissing

hard. He unhooked my bra, I took it off, my jeans were undone, and after fumbling around a

little I undid his too. I took his t-shirt off over his head, and he put his hands around my hips,

guiding me in some bump and grinding. He moaned with appreciation, whilst biting my

nipples quite hard, I didn’t like that so much but I was definitely enjoying fooling around

with someone again.

We got dressed again, he had to leave, and asked if I was free the following night,

dinner?” “Yes, lovely, see you tomorrow”, I replied grinning. Wow, this was all going remarkably well, and it was so much easier than i’d imagined it to be. Maybe this will be a ‘thing?' Could I really picture myself being in a relationship with someone again so soon? I guess there was no time limit on when to get into another relationship, I was certainly enjoying the attention and intimacy, also surprised that I would meet someone so soon. Roll on date three.


Cat is a forty something, single mum who lives in North London with her ten year old daughter. She is writing her first book about the roller-coaster ride that is online dating, post millennium and post her own break-up. Life’s curve balls can really throw you, and starting over has certainly been a journey of self discovery. It wasn’t until her girlfriend’s - who enjoyed her stories so much and encouraged her to write them down, that she decided to share them. The dating research continues...

Instagram: @CatCooperWrites

Twitter: @Cat_Cooper_


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