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10 Honest Reasons Why It's Awesome To Be Single - and Why You Should Be Loving It

February 15th marks Singles Awareness Day - whoop! So we're celebrating being single one day after Valentines Day for all our single sistas. Now for me my singlehood-ness has had it's highs and lows. With most of the lows being pretty superficial, like having someone to call and send memes to in the middle of the night, or someone to watch a Netflix series with and ultimately someone who I can head to Starbucks with on a hot summers day - told you; superficial.

But the highs of my singlehood-ness, in my opinion, definitely outweigh the lows. I no longer have to be overly concious of farting in bed (yes I'm keeping it honest and real). I don't feel the pressure of having to look good daily, I can sit with my hair unbrushed for at least 24 hours and the most obvious being that I do not have to enter the bathroom to be met with the horrific sight of the toilet seat being left up - again (rolls eyes.) And that my friends wins - hands down.

So here I have listed 10 reasons why it's awesome to be single - and why you should totally be digging it.

1. We all have that one friend who got into a relationship and never saw the light of day again. She refuses to attend parties or social gatherings as she is too used to life at home with her boo. Being single alows you to meet new people, explore new adventures and try new things...always.

2. Duvet stealing is a distant memory, which means you can have a decent nights sleep without being exposed to cold temperatures at 2am.

3. Being in a relationship comes with a higher chance of arguments and disputes, whereas being single means most days will be stress free. No boyfriend, no problem - right?!

4. You don't have to worry about shaving legs, underarms, private areas if you really don't want to

5. You can focus on you and you only. You can work on becoming a better you mentally, spiritually and emotionally, without any distractions and learn more about yourself. Which ultimately means you are more likely to be in a better space when the right one does come along.

6. You still have the excitement of finding the one.

7. You can do whatever you want (within reason.) But if you want to stay stay out all night at a freinds house, you can do so without being questioned or having someone to check in with.

8. You can ignite your passions now that you have more time to yourself. No negotiating or having to attend football matches that you really don't want to. Your time is yours and yours only, to spend excatly as you wish.

9. Your friendships will stregthen. Being single means that you have more time to spend working on your other relationships. You can explore and do more with your close girlfirends.

10. Dating is exciting and you can take this time to learn from your past relationships. You can be a bit more objective about the type of person you are seeking. Become a litlle pickier and selective in the qualities you would like to have in a mate and date, date, date until you ultimately find the one.


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