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Top 20 fun “coupled-up or non-coupled up” activities to do for Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of the year again, and the word “Valentines”has been magnified in every newspaper, magazine, social media site and shop window, oh, and let's not forget witnessing the big stuffed teddy bears and red roses everywhere you look. So cute!

For most couples, this day is about expressing your feelings for your best friend, loved one, and soul mate. But as for singletons like myself, I prefer to spend the day with my mother and sister who are my best friend's and dedicate that quality time to eachother. But since I live in the big city of London, I think there are plenty of activities on offer for both loved up couples and singletons. So let's get into the Top 20 “coupled-up or non-coupled up” activities to do for Valentine’s Day this year.

Top 10: Coupled Up Activities

1) Spa Day retreat

  • Experience pleasure, relaxation and pampering with sensual oils and massages for the day. That’s if you and your loved one can get the day off from work! As you know this year’s special love day lands in the middle of the week everyone. So get planning!

2) Dive into Ballie Ballerson

  • Relive your childhood and jump into the biggest adult ball pit in Shoreditch, London. With cocktails, food and some of your favourite tunes to keep you going, Ballie Ballerson continues to be a big hit and an amazing day or night out.

3) Romantic Getaway

  • Take a trip to your favourite getaway spot. Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, BA flights have special offers on most European destinations. Check it out and take the plunge to your romantic getaway together.

4) Re-kindle your first dinner date

  • Recreate the passion and relive your very first date, first meal, or first drink together. This is always a favourite for most couples and a great way to reconnect and have fun.

5) Couples Boat Ride

  • Take the plunge and enjoy a romantic evening boat ride along the River Thames. It’s no Venice, but the views along the river side are amazing. Check out City Cruises

6) Spontaneous Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • If you’re not scared of heights, why not jump into a Hot Air Balloon with your loved one? Do ensure you have a lovely bottle of bubbly and champagne flutes with a blanket to keep you warm - for an extra special and romantic time up in the air.

7) Couples Night In

  • Order your favourite takeaway and opt for a cosy night in. Put on your favourite film, one that you both ideally share a love for - maybe not Bridgette Jones Diary or Thelma & Louise, unless your man is a fan too!

8) Night at the Museum

  • If you like art and viewing amazing exhibitions, why not take a late evening journey to museums such as the Barbican, National Portrait Gallery or Tate Britain. Entertain yourself with museum tours, films, depending what’s on and pick up an item from the gift shop.

9) Perform a song

  • Be spontaneous and perform his/her favourite song on a train platform. Awkward - yep, I know, but they will never expect this one coming and wiill remember this forever,.

10) Indoor Skydiving

  • If you want a truly memorable experience, indoor skydiving may be the way to go. This is so similar to the real deal and is definitely one of the most thrilling activities to take part in and take it from me this will be one event you'll want to tell everybody about.

Top 10: Non-Coupled up activities

1) Cosy Day at home

  • Enjoy a cosy day at home and arrange a rom-com movie marathon day. Maybe start with a classic film like Serendipity and move onto When Harry Met Sally and Cassablanca.

2) Life Drawing and Painting class

  • Arrange an afternoon with a friend and take up a life drawing and painting class. Be your own Salvador Dali and capture the reality in your pictures.

3) Experience a Silent Disco

  • Take a group of your closest friends and “shake your bum bum” at a silent disco. You can be Rickie Martin, hell, you can even be the next Mariah Carey, either way it’s about having fun and doing something totally different.

4) Afternoon Tea

  • Take a friend and enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea. There are plenty of offers on Groupon from 50-90% off. Indulge in savoury treats and sweet pastries with a glass of champagne to end the experience beautifully.

5) Shopping Day Treat

  • Avoid the commercial celebration altogether and take the day off. Treat yourself, (which is what I’m planning to do.) Make a day of it and pamper, pamper, pamper!

6) Catch up time with Netflix

  • Spend your special day with catch up TV on Netflix and enjoy the latest series you’ve missed. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in bed and having a Netflix chill day.

7) Home Living

  • One activity I love is to take a visit to Habitat or Ikea and pick up some new home decor items. Afterall your home is your sanctuary so sprucing it up every now and again will make you feel great.

8) Read your favorite book

  • Spend the day reading and get lost in an amazing book. I’m currently reading “You are a Badass by Jen Sincero” and I must say, this book is nothing short of fabulous. Go to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy!

9) Catch up with old pals

  • Have a catch up session with old pals you have not seen in years. They could be close to home or a flight away. Grab the opportunity and rekindle your friendships.

10) Fun Day at the Zoo

  • Lastly, why not take this rare opportunity and visit the animals at London Zoo. It’s a nice day out and it will make a complete change to your usual day to day activity - unless your day job is a zoo keeper of course.


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