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6 Things You Can Easily Do For A Happier Life

I can't believe it's amost the middle of January already, I have only (well almost) finished consuming all the left over turkey in the freezer and February is already gearing up to get started. Now ultimately, this means I only have 11 months left to execute a whole host of goals, which includes my life long obsession and passion to be a scuba diver (no lie).

I entered 2019 with the hopes in improving my life and ensuring that I focus more on happiness and practicing gratitude, which I am sure about 90% of the world have probably also committed themselves to.

So here are 7 tips that we should all be implementing into my life to make it a happier, healthier and rosier one.

1. Learn (But Focus on One Thing At a Time)

Learning gives us a great feeling of productivity, but do you ever feel like you're knowledgeable about everything, but an expert on nothing? You see, I can talk for approx 15 mins about politics, fashion, meditation, the solar system, feminism and a whole host of other subjects, but if I am questioned any deeper on any of these topics, I go blank. I've decided to focus on one specific thing every month and completely immerse myself in it, as learning always ignites me with confidence and happiness.

2. Meditation

A friend of mine is whole heartedly committed to meditation. She thrives as a result, and insisted that I would thrive to. She wasn't wrong. I began five months ago and can honestly say that I have become calmer, happier and less anxious. Yipee. See, meditation can lower your stress levels and gives you a chance to switch off from the outside world and re- group with yourself - making for an all round happier life.

3. Travel

I am a big believer in opening our eyes to the beauty of the world (I know, sounds a bit cringey and cliche, but it's totally true). See, travelling does something to my inner spirit (okay - cringe again,) but, it has opened doors for me, given me an insight into other cultures and forced me to put my life into perspectve, which has made me qually more grateful. We can all make more of an effort to visit new places, even if it is just taking a weekend trip outside of London, it will truly give you a rosier outlook on life and offer a good amount of respite.

4. Great Friends

Since my early thirties I have started to realise the true importance of great friendships. My friendships have brought me so much joy and understanding. Someone to share the highs and lows of life and motherhood with. Someone to cry to on the phone when you simply - 'don't feel right.' This year I will be watering and nurturing my friendships even more. Life is better when we have great and supportive people around us. So ensure you work on and develop your frienships for a happier you.

5. Helping Others

There is probably nothing that makes me happier than helping others. It's extremely gratifying to see someone else smiling or feeling somewhat better as a result of something that I have done and it really warms my heart. Giving back is something we should all practice and definitely a way of increasing our overall happiness.

6. Honesty

For a number of years I would bite my tongue when asked for my opinion or if somebody said something inappropriate to me. If a friend asked if she looked like she had gained weight or whether her new hair cut suited her, and I new my opinion may not be the response she was looking for, I would lie. Over time I started to realise that there is nothing worse than not speaking your mind and being dishonest to someone else and yoursef for that matter. I have learnt to value my opinions, speak up and be honest at all times. It has increased my confidence, which in turn makes me happier as I am trusting and honouring my truth.


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