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7 Things You Really Need To Quit Doing In The Morning

1. Looking at your phone

Oh my, so this a big problem, like an epidemical big problem. Now I presume that you're probably reading this on a smart phone or hand held device of somesort, but we need to learn to detach and refrain from the early social media scroll and get back to enjoying our mornings and lives for that matter.

Begin to schedule your device time accordingly; like no peaking before 9am, switching it off at the dining table, no checking emails before 12pm, you get my drift. If you've downloaded the latest version of IOS then I instruct you to use the 'Screen Time Limit' as this will help with turning down the dial on mobile phone activity.

2. Hitting snooze

It's pretty crucial that we start our days off right, right? So, if you get off to a bad start then you've essentially set yourself up for an onslaught of dark clouds, black ravens and negative energy for the rest of your day...only kidding. But seriously, when that alarm goes off - get up! - and get your day moving. If you keep hitting snooze then the chances are you'll probably be up late, which will have a knock on effect for the rest of your day, which results in late arrival to meetings, school, deadlines, you know the rest. Place your phone as far away as possible, but close enough to hear the alarm in the morning of course. This should deter you from tapping the 'snooze'.

3. Outfit Woes

Worrying about what you're wearing in the morning a little too much? Throwing on and then taking off clothes can waste about 15-30 crucial minutes in the morning. I know it sounds like school - but start choosing your outfit the night before. Check the weather to ensure that what you've picked will work. Having a great early morning is all down to planning, even if you do have to pick your clothes the night before - it'll work - trust me.

4. Drinking Coffee

Now hear me out coffee lovers, and do not, I repeat, do not shoot the messenger, but relying on coffee in the morning is not only obvioulsy addictive but bad for your health. Yes, I said it. Now there are ongoing debates about whether coffee is or not bad for us, but my suggestion is that there are many other substitiutes such as having a glass of warm lemon water which will automatically hydrate your body and flush your digestive system. Amazing right?

5. Watching the News

About a year ago I decided to say 'No' to the news. I watch none of it, nada, zero, zilch. The news does nothing for me other than increase my anxiety levels, blood pressure and change my mood negatively. So I decided to reject it from my life. I used to notice that watching it in the morning set a bad tone for the rest of the day and that I would follow up with the negativities of the world on my iPhone, begin messaging friends about my findings of all these negative things and one day I just stopped. I realised it was really detrimental focusing on all the bad of the world so I never watched the news again and guess what? You shoud'nt too.

6. Checking emails

The morning should essentially be 'your time'. Your time to start your day in a positive manner and without a head full of noise. Quit checking your emails as soon as you wake up.This just adds chaos to your morning and creates an overload of information that isn't yet needed before you've even brushed your teeth. Set an alarm on your phone and a designated period for emails - 1 hour max - reply to the most important and save the rest for the journey home.

7. Complaining

So how many of us pass other mama's or co workers in the morning and get asked "How are you?" and your first response is "tired" yep I do it too. Actually whenever someone asks how I am I say tired 60% of the time - which is so lame. What a put off and how negative is that? Many of us wake up and start the negative ruminations of "I hate work", "I hate the school run","I hate my boss". Cut it out. Seriously. It makes for a negative outlook for the day and nobody wants to hear or witness all that negativity and whining.

Try starting a gratitude journal in the morning. As soon as you wake, write 20 things that you are grateful for. Do this for 21 days minimum and watch the complaining reduce and the positivity increase.


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