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8 Strange & Unique Ways To Use Baby Powder

Did you know that baby powder has some phenomenal uses? Alright, alright, as strange as this may sound - but there are multiple uses other than just applying to your baby/toddlers bottom. Hear us out. Now, we all like to try new and cost effectie products right? So, what better time to try something new and something that's right within your reach? Without further adew, here are 7 strange and unique ways to use baby powder.

1. Getting Rid Of Odours

So to me baby powder smells absolutely divine, so it's only right that it does wonders on odours of most kinds as it absorbs any lingering smells after a spill. Especially great to sprinkle on wet patches on the carpet and on smells that usuallly sit.

2. Keep That Mac Track Pad On Point

Sprinkling a bit of baby powder on fingertips will enusre that you do not get that slippery motion from oily hands or a greasy trackpad - essentially making scrolling easier and preventing any mis-clicks.

3. De-Tangler...Not For Hair BTW

Laces, necklaces, chains, bracelets caught in a twist? Who hasn't had the annoying and tedious task of attempting to untangle such mess. The frustrating time it takes to untangle can be cut in half with a sprinkle of baby powder. Once the powder slips into all the small crevices, the knots will eventually loosen up and lessen the risk of any breakages or snaps in the chain.

4. Longer Lasting Deodorant

Not only does baby powder absorb sweat, but it can also keep your deodorant lasting for as long as possible. When applied after deodorant, the baby powder works as an extra layer of protection that keeps you dry and smelling great!

5. Say Sayonara To Waxing Pain

Waxing - always a painful event right? How about going pain free? Well kind of. You see baby powder can assist with mild pain management. By rubbing some baby powder over the legs before waxing, it protects the skin and absorbs moisture on the leg helping the wax better stick to the hairs. The baby powder also reduces redness afterwards.

6. Ants - Be Gone

Have an infestation of ants, and not big on using chemicals to get rid? Baby powder sprinkled around doorways and passages will prevent ants from entering as they dislike the scent. It is also a better option then products that contain chemicals especially if babies and pets are around.

7. Set Your Make-Up

Setting powders have been taking centre stage - but it is time to move over for a cheaper alternative. A quick brush of baby powder in the morning can be a fresh and chemical-free way to set your face for the day. However do be careful if out for the night and planning on taking pictures, as the powder does reflect in flash photography - So, No Photo's Please!

8. Lengthen Your Lahes

Want longer lashes? Well,who doesn't right? You can achieve this by sprinkling some baby powder on top whilst still wet. Then go back and apply a second coat and voila your lashes will appear longer.


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