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How To Still Be Cool Post Babies

There is one thing that I really missed after becoming a mama,one thing that I had lost and was unsure wheteher I would ever find again, and that my dear friends was what I call ‘my cool.' Theres nothing quite frustrating then reminiscing on who you were pre kids and pondering over where that edgy, fashionable and cool woman has gone. Granted there are undoubtedbly a lot of things that must change after children, but being cool is certainly not one of them. Here are 5 quick tips on getting back your cool.

Hang Out In The Same Places

Before we jump into it – by no means do I mean taking your kids to Ibiza and raving with them until 2am in the morning. I mean taking them to places like the Museum, Gastro Pubs and even Outdoor Movies. Keep up with the things you love, just ensure wherever you are going is child friendly and that the kids will be entertained. Even if it is with an I pad.

Keep In Touch With Your Style - (without the kids)

Now some mama’s can do this with ease, but for me there is nothing worse than walking around Harvey Nics, shopping baby and childrenswear, then half heartedly and exhaustingy shopping woman and beauty all on the same day. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. If you want to keep your sense of style you're going to need to need focus. Set separate shopping days, and if you can get the children looked after by your husband, partner, friend or family member then even better. Just do not attempt doing it at the same time. There is nothing worse than seeing your two year old wipe his nose with a gorgeous Max Mara skirt. No Bueno.

You Are Just As Important – Remember You

You are really just as important as your kids – if not more in a different kind of way (lets be frank). Without the captain the ship is going to do nothing but sink right? Remember you always and take time to reflect on new things that you may want to learn, places you would like to go and things you would like to try. Keeping you in mind will keep your spirit high and engaged in life.

Keep A Look Book

So after having my children I pleasantly adopted some extra wobbly bits thanks to pregnancy. I found myself reaching for nothing but flowy tops and jeans – flowy enough to cover said belly (which still gave the impression that I was three months pregnant). These flowy tops were my go to and damn were they boring. There are a whole host of looks you can do post baby. Keep a look book of ideas you like that will inspire you and encourage you to keep your style fresh and updated.

Teach Your Kids About Cool Sh*!

Looking back at my eary to late twenties I had learnt so much about art, culture and history and had so much more that I wanted to learn. I really hated the thought of being burdoned with nappies and the monotony of childrens T.V. so I incorporated my kids into my learning streams. I brought Frida Kahlo to dinner discussions and Shakespeare to the park and off loaded information onto my kids.

Try and take moments to watch documentaries or read interesting books and learn new facts with your children. I now have the best of both worlds. I still feel in touch with the world and society and my children are becoming increasingly cultured in the process. It's a win win.

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