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20 Affirmations To Transform Your Mindset About Money

Money is the route to all evil? Hell no! Well, if you have a poor relationship with the stuff then maybe, but money essentially gives you the power to be able to help your family and others, live more comfortably with less worries and strife about bills and will allow you do do a hell of a lot.

Having enough or even lacking enough money can be reflected in your beliefs. So if you're checking your bank balance and believing that things will never look better than that 'in the red' statement then guess what, that's probably what you will attract.

Now it is by far not crude to associate with loving money (as some might think or say) it is by far very important to establish a loving and positive relationship with money.

We give you 15 affirmations that will strengthen your relationship and attitude to money. Practise them daily mama and change your money beliefs.

1. Money is good, I adore money.

2. It is okay for me to love money.

3. I have all the money in the world to provide

for all the things that I desire.

4. Prosperity overfows in me and around me.

5. I am a magnet to money.

6. Money does not control me, I control my money.

7. I will always have surplus.

8. I love money and money loves me.

9. Money is a positive source in my life.

10. I am the leader of my money.

11. I can do all things with the money I receive.

12. I will be able to creativey increase my money.

13. I am worthy of wealth.

14. Success and money come easily to me.

15. Earning money is an easy thing to do.

16. Money is literally attracted to me.

17. Money is a free flowing energy that keeps coming into my life.

18. I am a strong magnet to money.

19. There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of earning.

20. I have a positive attitude to money at all times.


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