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6 Amazing Sleep Products - Worth Every Penny

So we all know there is a magnitude of sleeping aids on the market. Some over the counter, some prescribed, but if you are like me and do not fancy heading to the doc's for a prescription, you'll want to opt for something different right?

Suprisingly there are a multitude of products that can help aid sleep and some that even add the beauty part in there too. So what are these products and where can you find them?

Our Beauty Editor Emma Collins keeps it real and shares some of the best tried and tested natural sleep aids out there.

My mother instructimg me to have a warm glass of milk before bed was the first thing I imagined when I came across Sleep Well Milk, however, not to be confused with days of yonder, this exceptional milk has been given a complete millenial spin.

It's milk, but get this, it's Jersey Milk, which contains 20% more calcium, protein and higher amounts of minerals and vitamins - yep, we've just upped our milk credentials. But get this, it also contains Valerian, a natural sleep aid and relaxant, which has also been proved to decrease anxiety and stress symptoms.

Sleep Well Milk has a delicate consistency and natural taste with a hint of honey and vanilla and can be drank either hot or cold, 30 minutes before bed. So, we opted for hot and gave it a try.

Like I said, I've never really been one to opt for a glass of warm milk before bed, but after the second night I was actually looking forward to my natural night cap. The magic in this is obviously the valerian and the bonus is the extra nutrients.

When I slipped into bed I felt relaxed and calm and more alert in the morning. It is such a simple, yet cool and innovative product and I just can't wait for the chocolate flavour to be released!

Neals Yard

The Neals Yard Body Butter is quite frankly, put in the simplest of terms - exquisite! With a unique soft scent of lavender I was mesmerized immediately. See I have quite normal skin, but can be prone to breakouts when my skin doesnt want to behave, so I'm usually a little apprenhesive when it comes to trying new products.

It is as rich in scent as it is in texture and has a luxurious quality to it and that's what I just love about it. With Ylang Ylang and Patchouli Essential Oils all infused, the calming and relaxing properties make for the perfect addition to your beauty and sleep routine.

The thick and creamy consistency of the butter also meant that it soaked right into my skin without leaving a film like layer (as some butters do). Suprisingly, it didn't feel greasy or heavy on and didn't toy with my skin. Although, meant for the body, I found that it worked amazingly as a face moisturiser too.

It is fair to say that Neals Yard deliver well when it comes to their products and scent and this shows with the Goodnight Pillow Mist. With a delicate and dreamy lavender aroma, best described as - what a dreamy meadow close to a lavender vine yard would smell like, the pillow mist was absolutely delightful.

I sprayed it in the air and over the pillow at bedtime and it left the room with a soothing and tranquil environment and once my head hit my pillow I took to the scent even more.

Filled with organic lavender, vetiner and mandarin essential oils the combination of these magical ingredients aid your sleep tremendously. I did wake up in the middle of the night to carry out my usual spot checks on the children and on returning to bed the scent was suprisingly still there, still as strong and still as effective. Come the morning, I woke up feeling cool and calm and completely ready to take on my day.

I have always been slightly skeptical with supplememts, so when it came to the Neals Yard Beauty Sleep Supplements I already had my reservations.

The self proclaimed skin hero does not only aid sleep but also aids skin renewal too - now that's major! The supplements contain an amazing herbal blend of lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower, added B vitamins and pantothenic acid to help aid relaxation, in order to reduce fatigue and promote a restorative sleep. This also works to support your skin's natural night-time regeneration and to help maintain healthy skin, nails and hair, all while you sleep.

About 5 days in I started to notice a new level of calmness during my bedtime routine and a greater sense of balance in the morning. See, my mornings are usually ridled with uneasiness and chaos - but I managed to maintain this until about lunch time - until my mid morning slump kicked in. Nethertheless I was truly impresed even if it were only for an hour or two.

Dermalogica, has honestly never been been my go to beauty product of choice, but after hearing other beauty editors raving about the Dermalogica Sleep Cocoon - I had to give it a shot. I obviously didn't want to be the only one left without the 'glowing skin' right? So I delved in.

With a gentle combination of Whu-Zu-Yu extraxt, yeah, bit of a mouthful, I know, Tamarind seed extract and a whole host of other beutiful hard to come by and hard to pronouce essential oils, this my friend lives up to it's hype and does exactly what it says, while also promoting deep restful sleep for a healthier looking skin in the morning - what's not to love?

Neom have given us an oil, with an amazing aroma might I add. Not only does it help to boost sleep, but it also gives you amazing skin too. Tremendous. Small but punchy, you certainly shouldn't let it's size fool you, as this oil should so be on your birthday, christmas, heck any celebration wish list.

So my night time skin routine, by any meausre is up and down. Sometimes I'll bathe in luxurious creams and oils and other times er, I'll fall asleep and wake up in yesterdays makeup. Ah - I have kids. The Neom face oil does however add a new dimension to my night time skin routine and is a quick remedy to boost my skins suppleness. With Cranberry Oil, Wheat Germ Oil plus 11 other essential oils to help you sleep, this oil is definitely my bedtime go to.

The scent although lovely, is a little strong for my liking, but what overides this is the light density and the fact the oil dissolves instantly into the skin, with the added pleasure of relaxing and calming ingredients to help you drift off to sleep. This is one to certainly remain on my list.


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