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The Ultimate Must Reads...

These books are ones that will stand as complete Must Reads, confident after you read them you will agree. These books are for everyone, but they adhere to women and mothers in well form as well. They are informative, enlightening, stimulating and relatable delightful reads. Knowledge is Power, as other perspectives can change our ways of thinking, and stories written by these poets are the ones most have a tough time putting down. Below are the three books I insist you try to make time to read. Also, I give you a glimpse into each book in hopes it will only leave you wanting to read more.

A counterintuitive Approach to Living A Good Life

Written by: Mark Manson

Do not let this title fool you. This book is no joke and by no means, negative. It is kindly raw, full of depth, and one exceptional and well-thought-out perspective. One of the many statements made at the start was and I quote, “The moments of non-f*ckery are the moments that define our lives…To not give a f*ck is to stare down life’s most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action.” He then states, “Most of us struggle throughout our lives giving too many f*cks in situations where f*cks do not deserve to be given.” Those set the tone for the book. This book taps into arears of our lives we can all relate to and it causes us to think and to re-evaluate things. Caring is a good thing but

caring too much and about things we shouldn’t waste our time on is exhausting. This book puts it down with factual history to advice with power in it. Each chapter has an enticing title. Here are a few of the nine: ‘Emotions are Overrated’, ‘The Value of Suffering’, ‘You are not Special’, and ‘Happiness is a Problem.’ As it may seem I assure you that this book is not cynical in any way. It is however, intriguing carrying a serious and slightly humorous voice to narrate you. Mark Manson wrote an impacting book with a well written, and enjoyable tone that ninety -percent of humanity should read. It is good for mindfulness, learning to choose our cares better and gives a wiser look at yes, not giving a f*ck and when that mantra should be in place. The last quote from this book I am leaving you with is one I found most striking, “Happiness requires struggle". A bold statement that is true, and quite fascinating. Enjoy reading this! I have no doubt you will.


R.M. Drake who is currently named, Instagram’s most famous poet is one brilliant writer. I recommend all of his books to be read. R.M. Drake has an exceptional way of conveying what a female is, what she’s feeling, going through and as a male he adds in another perspective that perfectly mesh together. He especially conveys the male point of view in his poetry. But, his unique writing style gives a glow to the female mind, heart and soul unlike anyone else I have ever read. It is nothing short of fascinating. Along with this, he has messages he wants to share, and to speak to inspire his readers. He is very raw, but his writing tone is soft, and calming. You can feel the emotion come off the pages. This book, Gravity, is not a poetry book of his. It is a story well written with emotion that vibes off the pages. It is a heart-warming, striking, tragic and painful story about friendship, parenting, true love, loss, and what we don’t know could change our lives if we ever get to the point everything finally makes sense. It is beautiful from beginning to end and well-inked with valuable points being purposefully impressed with a subtle fierceness. This amazing poet, and author knows how to reach women and delight them with a divine touch and will certainly have your full attention two pages in. I'll leave you with this excerpt from, ‘Gravity’;

“Sometimes what you love isn’t good for you, and sometimes what’s bad heals you in ways you never would have imagined. Sometimes when you fall, you fly, and sometimes when you break, you do because you’re slowly gathering yourself back together again. Sometimes mistakes don’t teach you much, and sometimes the smallest of things hold revelations that are too hard to ignore. “

This book will not disappoint. R.M. Drake will never disappoint. I stand by those two statements firmly wanting to call actual opinions, facts.


This book takes you on a journey with the author herself in poetic style. You ride along with her probably being able to relate to much she puts out on these pages. Below are a few exposed pieces of this journey, this book. They will leave you wanting to engage further with Amanda Lovelace and her story of how she saved herself through what was a ruthless season. It in turn may just help you, many out there, or at the very least show proof that we can overcome anything if we try.

Here is the quick glimpse into this voyage with, Amanda Lovelace, one hell of a writer and determined woman.

“the princess locked herself away in the highest tower, hoping a knight in shining armor would come to her rescue. -I didn’t realise I could be my own knight.”

“The pain…it did not teach me anything except to be afraid to love anymore.”

“if you don’t want to end up in someone else’s poem, then maybe start treating people better for a change". – an unapologetic poet

“repeat after me: you owe no one your forgiveness. -except maybe yourself”

“the only thing required to be a woman is to identify as one. – period, end of story”

“your happiness comes before anyone else’s happiness. – the real meaning of self – respect.”

The way she concludes this book is phenomenal. Here’s a good taste to leave you with…

“dearest reader…please know that for every word you read, it gets that much easier for me to breathe.”

“Pending: your own happy ending. – you’ll get there. “

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