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With a screeching toddler and lack of time being a a major factor it goes without saying that most mums find it a little hard to to pull together a decent outfit. The good old mum jeans are usually the first to be pulled out of the closet, alongside a pair of glum looking sneakers and any top within arms reach and voila we're good to go. Sadly this is the truth for many mama's and this style rut can happen to the best of us. Do not despair, the school run, trip to the museum, visit to the parents does not have to be a dressed down affair, lets jazz it up and inject some pazzaz into our key daily looks. Check out our 3 quick tips for fighting the mama frump.

1. Fashionista Friend

We all have that one friend or at least know someone that no matter what, they always seem to look polished (yes, sometimes even with kids in tow) They are well groomed, nails neatly painted and smell like a vineyard in Italy. The trick is to not be ashamed of 'The Frump' once you've acknowledged it there is totally a way out of it! Enlist said friend on a shipping trip to help you pull together some quick go to key essentials. Book a day when you are child free and learn about your style and what key looks work for you and your personality.

2. DITCH the trainer (every once in a while at least!)

Before said children most of us would revel over our amazing shoe collection, with 5" Pradas, Louboutins at the ready. But there was an adjustment when the mini's came. Sneakers of many kinds, Converse, Nike's,and the beloved Adidas Sheltoes bean to make an appearance and take over our shoe closet space. Yes. the reason is obvious, function over style of course, and not to mention the glares you would get from the other mama's in the school playground if you totted in in a pair of Loubotins. But we owe it to ourselves and to our style at least to rekindle our style, so when you're reaching for the battered sneakers for the fifth time this week, push them to the back and grab a pair of heels.

3. The Black Legging to burn or not to burn?

Love them or totally loathe them mama, the black legging has to go. There was an era (perhaps in the 80's) when they were functional, but 30 years on and they've revisited and seem to not want to leave. We know, we know, they are totally easy to just throw on, no ironing, no thought and not to mention they are super affordable, but those reasons just don't cut it anymore. Set them aside and wear them for comfy days at home or for a day in the gym, it's time to say goodbye.

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